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For PDF files containing important and private information, having them protected with a password is essential. But sometimes, we do not find a password necessary. Some people just want to open and view the PDF file easily. But most of them do not know about removing a password in the PDF file. If you are one of them, we will help you unlock your PDF file with just a few clicks.

Believe it or not, many websites offer PDF decryption, but if you are all for speed and convenience, PDFBear is the one and the best! PDFBear is a user-friendly website that offers PDF-related tools and services such as file organization, file viewing and editing, file optimization, e-signing, conversion, security, watermark stamping, and PDF decrypting.

And the best part, it is free to use and very accessible! What are you waiting for? Check out their website, and we will guide you with three easy steps on how to unlock your PDF file with PDFBear!

Three Steps to Unlock PDF with PDFBear

1. Upload the PDF file to the tool site

Upon landing on the PDFBear website, you will see an array of PDF-related tools and services presented on their homepage. Scroll down and go to the unlock PDF tool option to unlock and remove PDF passwords easily and fast.

You will be directed to the Unlock PDF tool’s tool page, where we get to do all the magic! Let us start by uploading the encrypted PDF file to their server. To upload the file, click the Select A File button. Your device’s file library will pop out for you to locate the PDF file you intend to upload. Select the file and then click Open. Another option to upload easily is to drag and drop the PDF file from its file location to the server or the assigned area using your mouse. 

Right after the PDF file is uploaded, your file will be immediately loaded into the server, processed, and then converted until it is ready for us to proceed with the next step. The process would usually take a few seconds to a minute, depending on the file’s size and your internet connection speed. Nonetheless, PDFBear works the fastest it can be without compromising the quality of the files uploaded. You wouldn’t even feel that you waited!

Also, if you wish to unlock multiple PDF files, you can only upload files one at a time with PDFBear. But do not worry! Because of PDFBear’s super quick service, you will still be saving so much time!

2. Enter the PDF File’s Password

Once your file has been loaded and processed to the server, you will be sent to another section of the tool page. Here, you can now decrypt the password-protected PDF.

Before unlocking the PDF file, you will have to confirm that you have the right to unlock the file. This is so the action will not be illegal. You can also review PDFBear’s Privacy Policy for more details. If you agree, proceed by clicking the “I agree that I am authorized to edit this file as well as remove its protection” button. 

In the Password bar, enter the correct password of the PDF file, then click the “Decrypt PDF” button. Your PDF file will once again be processed for decryption. 

However, if the file is not being processed, that might mean that you typed in the wrong password. You can click the eye button to see the password you are entering for you to check it. Some sites allow you to try multiple attempts, but most sites will only give you a limited number of tries. So type carefully and surely!

3. Download The Unlocked PDF File

Finally, the decryption process is completed, and your unlocked PDF file is up and ready for download! 

To download the PDF file, click the Download button, and it will be immediately saved to your device. 

PDFBear also has highly convenient file-sharing services that will help you send and share your PDF file, especially to many recipients. The site generates a shareable link that you can copy and send by itself to your recipients. Just by clicking the link, your recipients will have access to download the file through PDFBear. Amazing, right? With this feature, you do not have to upload and send the files one by one. 

Another way to share the file is to send it via e-mail through PDFBear as well. Simply click the mail button and put in the e-mail addresses. You can also send a personal message by e-mail. 

Everything is fast, easy, and convenient with PDFBear. From the first step down to the last! 


PDFBear is indeed one of the most reliable and efficient websites that provide helpful PDF-related tools and services. The site is also a very secure place, so you do not have to worry about your files being uploaded to the internet with their servers. PDFBear is protected with the 256-bit encryption technology and high-level security that they hold with the utmost standards. All the files uploaded on the server are safe and will be deleted right after. Try it out for your digital file needs today!

For PDF-related issues, you can always come back to try out their other tools and services. You can also tell your friends and co-workers about this; it might come out as a pro tip!

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