The Scary effects of Technology On Sleep

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 In a day and world where we are constantly surrounded by technology, they play a big part in our lives and how we address our lifestyle.

The Scary effects of technology on sleep are many. For some, it is evident, i.e., watching TV in bed while you are fast asleep. Others are less apparent but no less dangerous.

We as a generation have developed an idea to check our cell phones or laptops. Before we sleep to remain updated with all the news and latest trends that are up in our community. This simple habit of ours leaves us glued to our screens. That simple five minutes that we wanted to remain updated later turns into hours of continuous streaming on Netflix, Halo, or any other streaming platform.

Apart from all that, various other factors contribute to reducing your sleep cycle, and they can thus  be discussed as under

Blue Light Emitted Gadgets.

Like iPods and cell phones, most gadgets use the same phosphor combination to create the light we see. What this, in reality, means is that regardless of what you’re using, a blue-light LED, or whatever other technology you’re trying to blind your eyes with, the light emitted will be the same. The only difference is how your brain processes this light.

What’s going on in your brain when you try to sleep with blue-light LEDs blaring in your room is that your brain begins to associate the bright light with alertness and relaxation. It sets your mood and convinces your mind that you should get some shut-eye. It’s as if your brain says, “ok, I’m tired, so let’s go to sleep.” It might not sound like that big of a deal, but this change in mood and perception can affect your whole sleep cycle. In a nutshell, this means that the blue light emitted by your gadget has a direct impact on how you sleep.

Though technology is hell-bent to disrupt your sleep cycle, a comfortable bed, on the other hand, invites you to sleep peacefully. A cozy bed is accompanied by a comfortable mattress, pillow, and a warm duvet. Duvet is usually a stuffed blanket that is loaded with down, feather, cotton, or silk. A duvet cover is used to protect the inner fabric of the Duvet to keep it clean and dust-free. Though Duvet covers usually come in white color, you can also choose colorful Duvet cover to match the décor of your bedroom.

How electromagnetic waves impact your sleep

Many people have different beliefs about the way electromagnetic waves impact your sleep. Some people believe that it doesn’t, some think it does, and others believe it doesn’t have any effects on their sleep at all. However, studies have proven that our brains absorb radio and microwave frequencies through the electrical signals we are subjected to throughout the day. These electromagnetic waves can affect different areas of the brain and affect sleep patterns in different ways.

When exposed to electromagnetic waves for long durations, these waves can change the production and release of serotonin, a chemical that is important in keeping you relaxed. Serotonin is responsible for regulating your moods, your memory, and other brain functions. In the same way, how prolonged exposure to electromagnetic waves can alter the production and release of serotonin, certain drugs. Such as alcohol, can change the levels of this chemical within the brain.

Emotional Stimulus

The activities that we usually engage in on our digital devices keep us awake by engaging our brain to be more active and alert. It can be simply watching a show on Netflix where you are so engaged that your brain joins the plots to understand the story better. If you are playing a game before sleep, you have an adrenaline rush that keeps your brain from sleeping soundly. Other activities such as watching funny videos also keep your brain active long after hanging up your phone to sleep peacefully.

Though various gadgets can be used to disrupt your sleep, there are also certain oils. You can carefully apply essential oil for sleep more soundly. Essential oil such as lavender, chamomile, and bergamot helps you to sleep peacefully.

How noisy notifications also impacts your sleep

But it is essential to know how noisy notifications impact your sleep cycle. It can be described as the period from when you fall asleep to when you wake up. This sleep cycle may differ from person to person and even from week to week. Because our body clocks are different, the length of our sleep cycle also varies.

Our social media and instant messaging apps are constantly flooded with notifications and updates; This disrupts our sleep as we are always hungry for more updates and simple bling on our information alerts our brain. We hurry to screen the update, this affects our sleep time and impacts the quality of our sleep.

The side effects of disrupted sleep

The side effects of disrupted sleep can be a very frightening proposition. As the body adjusts to the lack of sleep, it can go through many different problems and feelings. People who do not get enough sleep are more prone to depression, have poor concentration, memory loss, and anxiety. Other common symptoms include mood swings, irritability, decreased sex drive, headaches, insomnia, and weight gain.

How to treat disrupted sleep

A good medication regimen should also include a healthy sleep environment. The bedroom should be free of clutter, smells, and distractions; this will help ensure you get a good night’s rest and maintain your sleeping pattern. It is also a great idea to consider taking regular exercise. A sedentary lifestyle can also disrupt sleep and lead to several other medical problems.

If you smoke or drink alcohol, then these should be avoided as much as possible. It would help if you tried to reduce stress in your life and avoid taking anything that will affect your sleeping patterns. If you are actually suffering from sleep deprivation, it is even more important to get regular exercise. Sleep deprivation has been associated with several different medical conditions. It is essential to improve your health and treat any underlying conditions as soon as possible.


Technology has made our lives much easier, but now they have invaded our bedroom and impacted our sleep cycles. We are getting less sleep which in turn is affecting our work quality. Severe usage of this technology might lead to long-term effects as anxiety, insomnia, etc. The tech we are surrounded ourselves by is helpful, but we need to balance it with our lifestyle.

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