What is MyUsao? How can it help in Your Studies? 

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Oklahoma’s University of Science and Arts (myUsao) is in Chickasaw, Oklahoma. It is a public liberal arts university. The University of Oklahoma is a member of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges. It is a specialized curriculum with a liberal arts concentration. 

This school was founded in 1908 as a school for girls and women. From 1912 to 1965 it was famous as Oklahoma College for women. My Usao offers many under graduation courses. These courses are available in a variety of areas.

My Usao approximately educates 800 students today. The whole MyUsao campus for women was listed as a national historic district. The motto of My Usao is “College for the Curious Mind “. The founder of MyUsao is John Feaver.

Myusao Commitment:

The Usao student services ensure that they give dedication and full focus to their work. They are always assisting their students from high school to college. Students can get various types of services from here, so they are committed to their success easily in their hands.

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The Basic fields of study in MyUsao

Physical Education:

As we know that science plays a great role in our human lives. We just wonder after seeing the technology and inventions of science. But in this modern era of technology, we still need to focus on our physical & mental health. Our physics and health are also significant. Better health can give you a better lifestyle, and you will be not depressed.

Pathology of Languages:

Language is what connects us with other centers of the world. As a student, you will receive high-quality knowledge and education in liberal arts and science. Highly prepared teachers will be available there to help you to be an informative and reflective educator. 

Social Business:

As a student, the study of human behavior, relationships social enterprise, and cultures will be your main aim. It will help you to create healthy relationships in your society with people of every age group. 

Political science:

Our political science program provides the perfect foundation for students having a high interest in further graduate work, as well as careers in government service, law, or criminal justice. This subject will introduce you to the polity of the nation. It will nurture you to become a part of it professionally. 

The Major and Minor Things:

Among major and minor things, you will be able to choose between your favorite subjects. We will provide you with the best of the best services for what truly matters to you. Don’t worry if you have multiple interests in both subjects then we are here for you. Many of our students have a double major. Both the degrees in science and arts will provide and prepare you to create your own future and the master’s key to success.

Students Service:

The university of science and arts of Oklahoma offers you a vibrant and residential experience where you can be yourself like never you know and enjoy all the university has to offer. The opportunity is endless. University works hard to give you the best faculties in front of you. There is always something special for everyone in arts and science. This is the best university you have ever visited. So what are you waiting for?

Enroll with us and join

MyUsao Login:

  • After going on the official website of MyUsao you have to enter your username.
  • After successfully entering your username just type your password.
  • Click on the login button.
  • Now you can access the MyUsao dashboard and know about us easily.
  • OneLogin canvas provides you with the process after login.
  • You can contact us through myUsao EDU webmail. For any queries mail us on usao webmail.


Built-in May of 1950 and dedicated on April 22, 1951. In 1957 the library was simply known as “College Library”. Dan Procter the president named the library in the honor of Dr. Mell Achilles Nash. These recommendations were accepted by the board of regents and the official name of the library became Nash Library usao.

Why my usao is a great choice for you? 

My usao is currently training hundreds of students. All these students are making their careers bright with the institutional training that they get from here. This is a place where students not only study but also learn in the most practical way of stuff. Our students acquire a diversity of skills. They are working in various fields of interest and making us proud of them. 

The institute provides excellent trainers who have years of experience. These trainers give you each major and minor detail of each subject. Here at the institute, we make sure that you get the best training in subjects. This training includes theoretical as well as practical sessions in the syllabus. We train you to face the world on your own and make a place for yourself. 


College life is the most enjoyable time after schooling. After schooling, we get most of the knowledge in college, either in life or in studies. This life teaches us to stay independent. Where we can learn the most important lessons is none other than our college life. Different from school days college life is more enjoyable where we meet new friends and professors. It gives us more attention and also makes us more confident. Our teachers act more like friends in college. Unlike schools, we have more liberty in our college life.

This time is the most important and valuable time to get serious for students about their studies and carrier thoroughly for a bright future. Some people are not able to go to college for various kinds of reasons. Everyone is not lucky enough to experience college life.

College is the place where one can get higher education for achieving his or her carrier goal. They can analyze which companies will benefit them in the long run.  Also, they can find education impacts their self-respect and expectations of their parents. Hence, college is something where one can get a lifetime experience which is essential for a successful life. Thanks for reading the blog.

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