Mikes Camera: Best Camera and Camera Accessories Store 2022

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Ever heard about Mikes Camera? Who doesn’t love photography? Have you ever wished to buy a camera and its accessories? Yes! you are in the right place. If you haven’t heard about it yet, or are not able to decide? Don’t stress! We have got your back. We have curated everything about this superstore. So, let’s start the blog.

What is Mikes Camera?

Mikes Camera is a superstore where genuine buyers and sellers meet. You get to own an extensive range of mike camera and camera accessories in one place. These cameras are under budget, high-quality, and of the best in the range. In addition, it has an online e-commerce website with the same name. Where you can order mike’s camera boulder product and buy it at home.

However, this website has 10 superstores in Colorado and Northern California. Where you get to choose your nearest location. So that you can minimize the cost of shipping charges. It also ensures the quickest possible delivery for your product. 

Why choose Mikes Camera?

There are several reasons that make the Mike’s photo a genuine source of connecting buyers and sellers of camera products. However, the success of the business is dependent on stocking a whole variety of photo and camcorders and other picture-taking add-ons, as well as offering a complete line of image handling solutions, like the latest in digital camera models and digital cameras that are digital kiosks. Furthermore, it really is integral philosophy of Mikes Camera to back this product and service choices with a specialist, friendly staff.

Furthermore, Mike’s Camera guarantees the lowest price of any authorized retailer in your area on cameras to give you peace of mind. In contrast, if you find a lower price for the same product, in stock, at another authorized retailer in Colorado or Northern California. Hence, they will gladly match the price and refund the difference.

Along with, they will also match authorized online retailers if they have a lower price than them. Be careful of online retailers that are not authorized. As there are many out there selling grey market products. Besides, they will attempt to match the value as close as possible (read more about grey market products). On rare occasions, a competitor may advertise a lower price where we are unable to match the advertisement.

Works and offerings by Mikes Camera

Without a doubt, Mikes Camera multiple-award-winning Legacy photofinishing begins with the high-quality materials that are highest accessible to the photographic lab environment.

The work of Mike’s Camera is following:- 

  • Provide photos in digitally optimized Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper
  • Similarly, they have the largest stock of photographic and movie equipment to provide consumers with every imaginable kind of image-capturing product.
  • Available stock of latest digital cameras, computers, and digital printers.
  • Medium-end, High, or large-format film cameras, gear lenses.
  • Traditional and digital darkroom equipment.
  • Digital video camcorders, studio lighting equipment.
  • binoculars and telescopes.

Furthermore, you can also rent various types of photo gear. Additionally, If you buy a similar product within one month of the rental, you can apply a portion of the rental fee toward a future purchase.

Other works

Subsequently, their big user base of business, commercial, law-enforcement, and sector this is certainly academic are able to find audio-visual equipment and LCD projectors, along with boardroom methods and screens for special presentations.

Additionally, they offer a full number of high-end video clips and projection gear. From surveillance camera shops methods to a video clips. That is pro-grade, TVs, VCRs, and modifying gear. Indeed, with a variety of audiovisual presentation equipment, including top-of-the-line LCD, video, and overhead projectors.

Customer Service

In an effort to help expand complement the services wanted to our customers, in addition, Mikes Camera provides the still-camera repair guarantee that is the longest of every camera restoration center in Colorado on in-house repaired equipment: one full 12 months for components and work, twice the industry standard.

The movie and image technicians at Mikes Camera provide fast, expert fix service to generally meet consumers’ instant and unique repair requires whether it is a digital camera, camcorder, VCR, projector, or any other imaging gear.

Also, they believe it is their readiness to meet up, and go beyond, their consumers’ objectives that features made Mike’s digital camera the greatest independent dealership this is certainly photographic the Rocky Mountain Region.

A value of over $289 is added to every digital camera purchase!

  • Firstly, In-person service when you have questions
  • Secondly. For your next purchase, you’ll receive a $50 rental voucher
  • Thirdly, Save $50 Custom Framing / Matting
  • Fourth, One Year Smile Club Membership
  • Also, One FREE 16” x 20” BIG Print!
  • Following, Save $50 coupon on any printed Wall Décor item
  • Subsequently, Use this coupon for a $35 discount on scans, transfers, restorations, and archiving services.
  • Last, but not least, 100 FREE 4″ X 6″ Prints!


While Mike’s digital camera continues to be a family group company. Located in Colorado and Northern California. Their success and development imply that they continue steadily to provide the exact same higher level of a solution while including more volume-buying assuring pricing this is certainly competitive and their guarantee of lowest Prices on all cameras in stock.

Mikes Camera Product Categories

Mikes Camera products are the following:-

  • Firstly, Digital photography

  1. Digital Cameras
  2. Lenses – SLR & Compact System
  3. Lens Converters & Adapters
  4. Filters
  5. Flashes and Speedlights
  6. Flash Accessories
  7. Bags and Cases
  8. Camera Straps & Vests
  9. Memory Cards, Tape, and Discs
  10. Memory Readers
  11. Batteries
  12. Battery Packs & Adapters
  13. Battery Chargers
  14. Smartphone and Tablet Accessories
  15. Instructional books / DVD’s
  16. Miscellaneous Camera Accessories
  17. Travel Accessories
  • Secondly, Film cameras

  1. Film
  2. Camera Accessories of Film
  • Thirdly, Digital Camcorders

  1. Video Cameras
  2. Video Camera Accessories
  3. Microphones and Accessories
  • Fourthly, Drones

  1. Drones
  2. Drone Accessories
  • Fifth, Tripods

  1. Tripods & Monopods
  2. Tripod Heads
  3. Tripods, Monopods, and Support Accessories
  • Sixth, Studio Equipment

  1. Miscellaneous Studio Accessories
  2. Studio / Location Lighting
  3. Kits of Studio Lighting 
  4. Studio Lights
  5. Backgrounds
  6. Light Tents, Softboxes, Reflectors, and Umbrellas
  7. Light Stands & Accessories
  8. Bulbs & Flash Tubes
  9. Light Meter
  10. Gloves
  • Seventh, Gift Cards

  • Eighth, Camera Warranties

  • Ninth, Computer Peripherals & Software

  1. Photo Software
  2. Editing Software / Hardware
  3. Hard Drives
  • Tenth, Darkroom equipment

  1. Photo Enlargement Paper
  2. Darkroom Accessories
  3. Chemistry
  • Eleventh, Frames and Albums

  1. Photo Frames
  2. Albums and Portfolios
  3. Album Refills
  • Twelfth, Digital Frames

  • Thirteenth, Home Entertainment

  1. Headphones
  • Fourteenth, Printers and Scanners

  1. Printers
  2. Scanners
  3. Paper
  4. Ink Cartridges
  5. Mail-In Store Services
  • And finally, Optics

  1. Binoculars and Scopes
  2. Telescopes
  3. Telescope Accessories

Mikes Camera awards

Mike’s Cameras has already established a history of outstanding customer service. Which led to wide recognition both in the photography business. As well as the communities surrounding our store places. Moreover, this recognition culminated with the coveted ” digital camera that is better Store” award from Photo Trade News. The Photographic industry’s trade book for the 12 months of 2000.

Additional awards are repeat performances firstly from the Boulder Daily Camera. Secondly, Westword Magazine together with Boulder Weekly’s “Best of Awards” for ” camera that is better Store”. Thirdly, Eastman Kodak Company’s “Best in Class” award for specialty mikes camera stores. As well as the “Entrepreneur of the season” award of Distinction in 2001 through the Boulder Chamber of Commerce.

Summing up

This was all about Mikes Camera. The one-stop destination where users can buy every type of camera and camera accessories. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check your required camera equipment.

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