Marantz nr1608 review: Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

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Are you searching for Marantz nr1608 review? Yes! You are in the right place. Whenever the talk is about AV Receivers, you think of a heavy, bulky, huge box, with lots and lots of buttons. Additionally, a big turning knob in front, this is the picture you assume. You aren’t wrong. Most of the older AV Receivers are built up with these bulkier designs.

Furthermore, consuming a lot of space in your home. Again, to make the most out of your home theatre. If you have limited space and fed up with the bulkier designs, here is the nr1608 Marantz for you. So, if you are planning to invest in AV Receivers, here is the Marantz nr1608 review, to assist your zero in the searching process.  

About Marantz nr1608 review

Mixture Log-Gamma and Dolby Vision are the bait that conveys what it guarantees. For example, similarity to the most recent 4K ultra HD video content. The NR1608 can share music from Airplay, network streaming, and Bluetooth. Further, through playback from versatile gadgets. The HEOS remote multiroom framework boosts the impact of sound all through focused regions.

The unit’s whole set-up of video alignment instruments accepts the eight HDMI information sources. Furthermore, conveys a quality aftereffect of set-up and association Decoders for Marantz Atmos. Also, DTS:X 3D encompass sound is upgraded its seven channels of intensification. The fundamental front channels have double subwoofer yields and pre-outs if power is enhanced by outside intensification. 

The capacity to recuperate and support the execution of more seasoned soundtracks. Further, utilizing vivid encompass fields is a welcome element. Neural X and Dolby Surround preparing are accessible for this element. The NR1608 is a similarly viable soundtrack from Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. Audyssey MultEQ programming makes arrangement and alignment basic.

The discretionary Editor App for MultEQ refines arrangement. Moreover, conveys sound to coordinate with singular inclinations. Low-level sound can build its effect while holding clearness by utilizing the Dynamic EQ. Also, the Marantz slimline design is very appealing. Further, checkout for Marantz nr1608 reviews to decide for yourself.  

There’s a choice to utilize wi-fi or a wired association with transfer music from the Internet or neighborhood network stockpiling. A PC, MP3, or NAS drive are extra approaches to stream music. Extra alternatives include:

  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • Sirius XM
  • Tunein Internet Radio
  • Deezer

Primary highlights of the Marantz NR1608 AV Receiver 

The following are the different features of the product:

  • 7-channel discrete force enhancer, 50 W for each channel
  • 4K/60 Hz full-rate go through 4:4:4 shading goal, HDR and BT.2020. In addition to Marantz Dolby vision similarity and Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG; through a future firmware update)
  • 8 HDMI inputs (incl. 1 front) with full HDCP 2.2 help; Marantz atmos receiver
  • Simple to HDMI change and SD/HD to 4K Upscaling for inheritance video sources
  • Dolby Atmos (up to 5.1.2) and DTS:X
  • Implicit Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz/5GHz double band support
  • HEOS remote multiroom combination
  • AirPlay, Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer, Network Audio Streaming
  • DSD (2.8/5.6MHz), FLAC, ALAC, and WAV support
  • Audyssey MultEQ, Dynamic Volume, and Dynamic EQ
  • Audyssey MultEQ Editor application support (accessible for EUR 20 in the App stores)
  • Shading coded speaker terminals, Setup Assistant, Advanced GUI, Marantz 2016 AVR Remote App
  • isf video alignment
  • Multi-room/Multi-source (second zone; through speakers or pre-out)
  • Shrewd ECO mode with off/on/auto setting
  • Dolby Atmos 

Feel each measurement in Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos transports you into the story with a moving sound. Again, those streams surrounding you with stunning authenticity. Appreciate a 5.1 encompass sound speaker framework and 2 extra overhead speakers. Or 2 Dolby Atmos height speakers. Again, for a definitive home performance center insight. This product is including Dolby Surround upmixer for inheritance content. Marantz nr1608 review appreciated this feature a lot.  

  • DTS:X 

DTS: X™ vivid sound spots sound where it would happen normally in space. Further, making an exact, multi-dimensional sound involvement with the home. The improved submersion and increased authenticity bring you into the universe of your favorite films. 

  • Double Subwoofer Outputs 

A solitary subwoofer requests an ideal situation inside the space for the best bass. Further, to try and out pinnacles and plunges accordingly. The NR1608 upholds two subwoofers: utilized in various areas. Also, these will give a smoother low-recurrence reaction for more precise bass anyplace in the listening region. Moreover, the Marantz nr1608 review is great. Moreover, you could simply rely upon them to decide.  

  • Multi-Source/Multi-room 

Whatever your family’s amusement needs, the NR1608 conveys: you can appreciate 5.2-divert encompass sound in the fundamental room. And simultaneously play sound system sound from another source in another piece of the house. Interface a couple of speakers to the multi-room enhanced yields. Or attach a different sound system amp and speakers to the Zone 2 pre-outs. 

  • Savvy TV Connectivity 

Utilizing the HDMI CEC (customer gadgets control) usefulness on some Smart TVs. It’s feasible to control the NR1608 with the TV’s distant handset. With the beneficiary’s “HDMI control” set to ON. Also, set “Brilliant Menu” recipient control capacities. And the TV’s Smart Menu home screen will give you direct admittance to source and encompass mode choices. Moreover, the fundamental arrangement menu and Smart Select setup preset.

Final Thoughts 

The Marantz NR1608 is a completely highlighted AV Receiver in a more modest size. You would imagine that the size would be a restricting element taking everything into account. However, what we get is very nearly a completely pressed 7.2 channel beneficiary. Further, that enables you to make either a 7.2 or a 5.2.2 arrangement. It upholds all the cutting-edge sound configurations like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Moreover, just as 4K Ultra HD 60Hz video and HDR go through help on each info.

It additionally upholds go through of Dolby Vision and HLG HDR designs. With the Audyssey and HEOS frameworks, things become simple to the arrangement and control your multi-room speaker setup. When you include all the over the size and cost of the unit, the outcome turns out to be noteworthy. 

In any case, similarly, as with all that, there are a couple of downsides moreover. The more modest factor of the recipient affects the force it can create. With 50W per channel, there is a genuine absence of force that is sufficient just for little measured rooms. Additionally the exclusion of a second HDMI OUT port can be a restricting variable. Again, for some as many individuals utilize the subsequent one to associate a soundbar. 

Believe it or not, to get such countless highlights in a little size is a genuine delight. Further, assuming you have restricted space or little estimated media room. Moreover, this recipient is actually what you need to in any case appreciate all the cutting-edge advancements and organizations. Again, without experiencing difficulty were to put an off-kilter-looking large black box. What’s more, for this we praise Marantz for their contribution.

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