How to fix Gmail App Crashing?

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Gmail is by far the most popular email app for Android users. For the most part, because it’s included with OS X and the formerly stellar Inbox is no longer an option. Because it’s less user-friendly than some of its competitors, it’s a big turnoff for many individuals. To make matters worse, several Android users report that Gmail frequently crashes and the gmail app crashing

Although the app is routinely updated, some problems in the update cause the Gmail App to crash. You may have seen other apps on your phone, PC, or laptop fail to reply or shut down. Here we will discuss Gmail app hitting, Gmail app crashing, android, why is my Gmail app crashing, Gmail keeps crashing android, why is Gmail app crashing, and my Gmail app keeps crashing.

Why is the Gmail app crashing?

Gmail stops responding as well, although this isn’t a problem. The following is a list of possible solutions. At the very least, look into two of them. If the Gmail app keeps crashing on Android, there are numerous reasons for it to do such a Local cache corruption and a wide range of flaws are the most prevalent causes. The dark theme is one of the most typical causes. Email services like Gmail are unquestionably top-notch. It’s inconvenient when Gmail keeps crashing, and you can’t check your emails.

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Why is my Gmail app crashing?

A variety of factors could be blamed if your Gmail app on Android starts crashing frequently. Some of our users have found the following strategies helpful in recovering from an app crash:

1: Reboot your device. If the Gmail app is crashing for no apparent reason, try restarting your computer.

2: Remove the app’s cache. It helps reduce the amount of space needed and improves the system’s overall performance.

3: Get rid of the app and then reinstall it. If deleting the cache doesn’t work, the app may need to be reinstalled if deleting the store doesn’t work. The first step is to take a backup of any vital data.

4: Please continue reading if none of the following fixes your Gmail app’s constant crashing problem.

Ways to fix Gmail app crashing:

It is possible to fix Gmail app faults caused by post-update problems by implementing the following remedies. Take note of whether or not your problem has been solved by running this app after each procedure. If this doesn’t work, move on to the following possible remedy. Unless the root reason is discovered, there is no clear-cut remedy to this problem. Following are solutions if my Gmail app keeps crashing:

1: Clear the Gmail app’s cache and data:

The first thing you should do to fix the problem is to delete the Gmail app’s cache and data. There is a possibility that this problem stems from the accumulation of locally stored data. A bug can make an already unstable program even more dangerous. Gmail for Android users can erase their cache and data by following these instructions:

1: Go back to Settings > Apps > All apps > Gmail and re-enable the program.

2: Select Storage.

3: Erase the cache and then clear the data.

4: Does a factory reset.

2:  Reactivate the app:

It’s possible to reinstall the Gmail app or disable and re-enable the program if it’s a system app. Gmail for Android customers who have problems can usually resolve them in this manner.  It’s possible to reinstall the Gmail app or disable and re-enable the program if it’s a system app. The majority of people who encounter problems with Gmail on Android can resolve them using this method. Reinstalling or disabling/enabling Gmail on Android to avoid future crashes is as simple as following these steps:

1: The Gmail app may be found in the Apps section of Settings.

2: Press the Uninstall or Updates buttons.

3: Go to the Play Store and search for Gmail there.

4: Restart your smartphone after installing Gmail.

3: Gmail keeps crashing android:

It may be a long shot, but it appears to be working for some people. Signing out of your Android account and then signing back in should fix the problem. Along with the preceding steps in troubleshooting, it should resolve the issue.

 1: On Android, follow these methods to log out and then log back in:

 2: Open the Settings.

 3: Select the accounts you want to sync and click the Sync button.

 4: Go with Google as your search engine.

 5: Remove the account by clicking on the menu at the bottom.

6: Restart your phone, add the account, and see if Gmail notifications improve.

4: The app needs to be updated:

Finally, this is a reiteration and extension of what has already been saying. Keep your apps up-to-date at all times. Access the Play Store via the hamburger menu by selecting My apps & games from the hamburger menu. Once you’ve arrived, be sure to perform any necessary app updates.

5: Gmail app crashing android:

Clearing your app’s data and cache files is one of the most common fixes for Android app problems. Delete these files to prevent Gmail from crashing on your phone, as they are typically the cause of different issues.

1: Go to the phone’s Settings app.

2: In the Settings menu, select Apps & notifications > Gmail.

3: Afterward, tap Clear cache and Storage.

4: The Gmail app can be opened.


This regulation applies to the Gmail app for Android as well. It may not be a big deal for most people, but others may find it too intrusive. According to the company’s official Twitter account, a new version will be released soon to fix this problem. Meanwhile, try one of the techniques listed above to stop Google Apps from crashing on Android for the time being. Uninstall the updates for a while and install them again when Google issues a new update to address the issue.


What is the Gmail app crashing?

Gmail’s app might break for a variety of reasons. A cache file mistake or insufficient phone storage might cause the problem in some cases, as can an app update. To be on the safe side, you can try a few fixes on your own to see whether the program can be fixed and returned to working order.

What’s causing my iPhone to crash when I try to access Gmail?

In addition to iOS problems, additional variables can cause Gmail on your iPhone to become unstable.

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