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Remember those old indoor games? Our card games and board games. Before introduction to video games, we used to play these old gold. I myself am a lover of those. As far as I remember, I used to bunk my school to buy those cards. Gamers World Chicago is one stop store for all your nostalgic games.

Not only cards but we had many others also. There was monopoly, chess, role playing Strategy games and Rubik’s cubes and puzzles. All these games are gems for 90’s and early 20’s kid. 

This store in Chicago provides you a whole bunch of countless old games. In this article I am going to give you full details about Gamer’s world. I am very sure this will bring a smile on your face and you will surely visit this store at Chicago. 

Gamers World Chicago: A brief Introduction:

Gamersworld store is in Chicago city. It is a small chain stores for games. But here you will find no video games. This shop only keeps the indoor games. These games includes card games and Board games. Here you will find chess, monopoly, different anime card games, cotton toys, dice games, role playing games and casino products. 

After working 25 years in the gaming entertainment business, the team decided to open their own gaming center for the first time. They opened it in the year 2008. The team opened their first store in Woodfield Mall. This was their first retail store. 

The store did better than expected hence the business started to grow rapidly. It’s owners had a great experience in the same field. Their 25 years of experience brought the results very soon. 

In the year 2010, the team opened their 2nd store at Harlem Irving Plaza in Chicago. And they never turned back from then. 

The year 2011, they opened their 3rd store at Vernon Hills in Yorktown Mall. After that in the year 2012 they opened one store at Aurora. In 2014, they opened their fifth store at Orland Park Mall and in Chicago tower place. You can search place as gamers world water tower place.  

Currently there are six Gamers World stores in Chicago. 

  • old orchard- 847-679-6290
  • Woodfield Mall- 847-517-1270
  • Fox Valley Mall- 630-375-9210
  • Gurnee Mills- 847-855-6050
  • Hawthrone Mall- 847-573-1270
  • Water tower place- 312-202-0565

Products Line Up:

Gamers world is shop for people who love to spend their time making memories and real friends. This store provides you your old good days. It gives you a great options of products in games. People are playing these games and toys from many decades. Here are the following games that you will get there:

  1. Chess: Chess is a very old game which was invented in India. People have been playing this game from centuries. This is a game of intelligence and sharpness. 
  2. Card games: It has various cards of gaming cards. These cards were very famous before video games. 
  3. Monopoly: Monopoly is a board game of business. In this game you play with fake money. You buy and sell places, buildings and many more things. 
  4. Anime card game: Anime card games were one of the most famous indoor games once. People always loved it. I myself have more than 30 cards in my cupboard.  
  5. Soft toys: Soft toys has been an attraction for many child and even adults too. These are soft adaptation of any anime character or some doll. These are made of 100% cotton. 
  6. Rubik’s puzzle: Puzzles are a game of intelligence. You find the missing pieces of a whole picture. After that you fit the pieces and create the full picture. 
  7. Rubik’s cubes: Rubik’s cubes are still famous in all over the world. This is a cube of 3 x 3 square pieces.  Every side of this cube has a different color. You need to shuffle these pieces and make it correct. 

These are too many products line ups of products at this store. The store keeps more than 50000 products line up which is not shown in the official website. 


Gamers world is famous for its classy indoor games and toys. There is one more thing that adds jewels to it. The store organizes many Event at their store. 

Gaming world is presently at 6 different places in Chicago. All these 6 places have their own calendar of events. These events are followings:

  • Weekly Weiss Schwarz tournaments
  • Cardfight Vanguard Weekly
  • Weekly Pokemon league
  • Yu-Gi-OH! Weekly tournament

Every month there are more 10 events. People come from all the city to participate in these tournaments and games. 

The store has its regular members in thousands. Main reason behind this is only the weekly tournaments. These tournaments creates a friendly indoor sport spirit in people. 

People who used to play with these in their childhood loves this place. Even youth have started coming here regularly.

How to contact:

There are 6 different stores in Chicago. You can go in any one of them. These stores and their contact numbers are given as follows:

  • Gamers world old orchard- 847-679-6290
  • Gamers world Woodfield Mall- 847-517-1270
  • Fox Valley Mall- 630-375-9210
  • Gurnee Mills- 847-855-6050
  • Hawthrone Mall- 847-573-1270
  • Gamers world Water tower place- 312-202-0565

The email id of the store: 

You can also connect with them on their facebook page and you tube channel. 

Final thoughts:

The time has changed a lot. Today we all have become an addict of smart phones and video games. But there was a time when we used to play very interesting games. This includes indoor and outdoor both. Now I think it’s time to relive all those memories once again. 

Gamers world is giving us a chance to keep all that old feel alive. This place is full of those toys and games which will give you a nostalgic feel. If you want to live your childhood again, do visit once. 

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