File Storage: 6 Best Tools to Save Your Files Online

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Cloud storage is a way to store data online rather than on your local computer. An Internet connection is required to download, edit and share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, images, audio, video, and more.

Online storage providers do not store data on your computer’s hard drive. Cloud storage tools allow you to access your data from any device. Anyone can easily share files in the cloud using the Internet. 

Whether you work for a company, as a freelance writer, or just want to share ​​videos with friends, family, or business partners, you’ll need to share files at some point. You can use many programs to save your files thanks to the advancement in technology; here are some examples. 

1 .GogoPDF

While GogoPDF may not be a file-saving platform, you can use it to share files efficiently. With GogoPDF, you can also perform file conversions necessary to store your files efficiently. For example, you can easily convert your PDF to PDFA using GogoPDF.  PDF/A is another type of PDF format that allows you to duplicate documents in the same way, regardless of the software you use.

All the information needed to render a document and its elements are contained in a folder in the same way. This will give you secure access to your documents and provide long-term protection.

GogoPDF is one of the tools you can use for your conversion needs if you have a hassle with editing your PDF document. Its software program is designed to deal with any problems or necessities you may need in editing your PDF document. 

2. DropBox 

Dropbox is a cloud garage carrier that helps you to store documents online and sync them on your devices. You can use Dropbox to arrange your documents in folders for easy search and identification.

Dropbox gives a free plan that consists of 2 GB of storage. Dropbox is a reputable cloud storage and file-sharing site. It is one of the most reliable cloud storage solutions in use, even though there are numerous alternatives available in the market. 

3. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud-based online storage solution. Their customers get free storage space as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription. OneDrive helps you to store documents that you create and easily find them when needed. You can sync your account on various devices, including laptops, phones, and tablets. 

Onedrive integrates with other Microsoft platforms for easy file transfer and collaboration. While other cloud services like iCloud are only available on Apple devices, Onedrive can be used on all devices. With the latest update, you can even send your photos to your TV via Chromecast, organize them by date or source, and even filter them by folder.

4. Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Document Cloud is the world’s main PDF and e-signature gear incorporated throughout desktop, mobile, and web. It permits complete, dependable, and automatic virtual file signature. With Adobe, productiveness and quality user experience guarantee as their features are easy to use. It works efficiently with other Adobe products like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Adobe Sign, Document Cloud apps, etc. 

5. Google Drive

Using a cloud storage provider like Google Drive has many advantages, consisting of simpler document sharing and having enough storage space to backup your documents. But while as compared to competition like DropBox and Apple’s iCloud provider, Google Drive’s advantage anchor on beneficial collaborative features and integrations with Google’s suite of merchandise and services.

If you’ve got a Google account, you have already got 15 GB of free storage space. 

Google Drive offers you the ability to add and store various tiles, including documents, photos, audio, and movies to drive. Google drive can function as a backup solution or as an avenue to free up areas in your device. This Drive service is so popular because it designs to work with other Google products as well. Another preferred feature in google drive is that you can easily arrange your folders and even mark them with colors. 

6. Citrix ShareFile 

Citrix ShareFile is a new file storage service with a vast digital workspace. File Sharing Citrix specifically designs for companies that want to share large files most securely and securely.

Sharefile is a secure, managed file transfer program (MFT) that supports businesses that need to store and share sensitive data and personal information starting from $16/month. Sharefile provides an intuitive user interface and easy third-party integration with Google Drive, SharePoint, Box, and dropbox storage services. 


File sharing programs provide easy, convenient, and instant access to the information you need while performing a specific task/project.

This reduces the effort, time, and energy typically invested in the above processes, allowing you to focus more on the performance and efficiency of your project management process. However, with the right file management system or file-sharing tool, businesses can reduce the cost of physically storing files.

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