Eight Great iPhone Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

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iPhones are the apple of the eye. More than one billion iPhones are in active use all over the world. They may be the most popular device on the planet. 

Buying an iPhone makes smart financial sense. But you can’t just pick up a phone and start using it. You have to learn a lot of iPhone tips and tricks. 

What are some ways you can capture the images on your screen? What are some tips that make your phone easier to use at night? How can you optimize your phone? 

Understand iPhone tips and tricks and you can master how to use an iPhone. Here are eight tips you can understand in no time. 

1. Screenshot 

Screenshotting on an iPhone is easiest when you have a device with a Home button. Hold down the sleep button on the side of your phone, then press the Home button.

This will produce an image of whatever is on your screen. The image will go into your camera roll, and you can edit it.

If you don’t have a Home button, you can still take a screenshot. Hold down the button to the right of your screen and the volume up button. 

You can make an annotation of your image by tapping the thumbnail at the bottom of your screen. The markup tool will open and you can make edits from there. 

2. Screen Recording

You have to do some different steps in order to record your screen and produce a video. Go to your Settings and open up the Control Center. Find Screen Recording in your Included Controls and enable it. 

Your recording runs through your microphone. It will record your audio if you are explaining something on the screen or talking to someone else.

If you don’t want this, hold the button down in the Control Center. You can then disable your microphone. 

As you hold the button down, a window will pop up that will let you save your recording in an app. You can also broadcast your screen recording on Zoom, Skype, and other video meeting tools. 

3. Night Shift

Learning how to use an iPhone means staring at an iPhone screen. The screen produces bright blue light that your brain can mistake for sunlight. This means that you will stay up later and get less sleep. 

Yet it may be necessary to use your phone at night. Go into Settings and click on Display & Brightness. You can reduce the blue wavelength of light and create a setting so your screen will be less blue at a certain time. 

4. Eye Contact on FaceTime

FaceTime lets you make video calls with another person. Many people have a tendency of looking into the person’s eyes on their screen. This means that they are not making eye contact with the other person. 

iOS 14 has a function to make FaceTime conversations seem more natural. Go into Settings and click on FaceTime.

You can then click on Eye Contact. This accessory will digitally adjust your eyes so it looks like you are looking into the camera. You may also find other iPhone accessories that help improve your FaceTime calls. 

5. Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS lets you call your local emergency number without knowing what the number is. It is good if you are traveling to a country that does not use 911 for its emergency responders. 

You can add emergency contacts to your phone. After you are done with your Emergency SOS phone call, your phone will send text messages to your emergency contacts. 

Your emergency contacts can be anyone. You should have a couple of contacts in case you are unable to make phone calls yourself. 

6. Siri

Using an iPhone often means using Siri. There are many things you can do to modify or enable Siri. 

You can change Siri’s voice by going into Settings. Click on Siri & Search and you can then change Siri’s voice to a different accent or to a male voice. You can also change the language that Siri uses.

You can teach Siri to say names in your contacts by saying, “Hey Siri, learn how to pronounce [someone’s name].” The software will then ask you to pronounce the name and you can choose from different pronunciations. 

7. DFU Mode

DFU mode on iPhone X helps your iPhone solve technical issues. It will also help jailbreak your phone so you can remove software restrictions on it. 

You can enter the mode by plugging your phone into your Mac. Run iTunes or Finder on your computer. 

Press and release your volume up button and then do the same with your volume down button. Hold the side button down until the Power Off slider appears on your screen. Power your phone off, wait for it to shut down, then hold the side button on it for a few seconds. 

Hold the volume down button while holding your side button. After 10 seconds, release the side button but keep holding down the volume down button. You can then access DFU mode. 

8. Drawing Notes

Most people type out their notes. Yet it may be useful to make a drawing. This lets you produce quick illustrations and diagrams for others. 

Click the pen nib icon in a note. A menu of writing tools will appear along the bottom of your screen.

You can use a marker, a pencil, and a highlighter. You can have any color of ink you want and change the thickness of your lines. 

The Eight Best iPhone Tips and Tricks 

iPhone tips and tricks are essential for using your device. Take photographs of your screen by clicking the home button. Go into Settings so you can capture a video. 

Eye Contact on FaceTime produces natural conversations. Night Shift will help you use your phone at night. Emergency SOS will contact your friends and family if you call 911. 

You can change Siri in several ways to meet your needs. DFU mode lets you fix technical errors, and Notes lets you draw pictures. 

Apple keeps adding new features to iPhones. Read about the latest ones by following our coverage. 

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