Chromebook Camera Not Working? Here is the Best Solution

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2020 has become the year of video chat and video conferencing, especially on Chromebooks but the Chromebook camera not working is a hot issue facing users. Hence how to fix camera on Chromebook when the going gets tough and the camera not working on Chromebook

Mostly the problems with the camera are of a software nature and a few simple tricks can restore the working of your Chromebook camera. However, in case of hardware problems the user must have to work with the manufacturer or warranty provider.

Even though one cannot say that Chromebook is not completely perfect they are a super alternative to MacBook’s and Windows 10 laptops. Any laptop is likely to have issues and there are ways to sort out these problems. Similarly, some of the most common problems Chromebook users face can seem difficult, but not impossible, to fix on their own.

Chromebook camera not working: What is a Chromebook?

  • A Chromebook is an online laptop computer and one doesn’t usually save files to this.
  • Almost everything like word processing, editing spreadsheets, note-taking, etc. working online through Google’s Chrome browser.
  • Similarly, virtually everything you work on a Chromebook saves “in the cloud”.
  • As a result, Chromebooks generally don’t have a lot of storage space and don’t require a particularly fast processor.
  • Hence, it makes a Chromebook generally quite inexpensive compared to other computers.
  • A Chromebook is a Linux-based system that revolves around the Chrome browser.
  • However, there are now a growing number of apps available which also work offline, even though Chromebooks are much more geared towards online use.
  • One of the main problems facing this system is the Chromebook camera not working.
  • In this article let us discuss why is my Chromebook camera not working and how to fix camera on Chromebook.

Chromebook camera not working: Causes

The main causes for the Chromebook camera not working are the following: –

1. Common Chrome OS Issue

  • One of the main issues for my Chromebook camera is not working is an underlying Chrome OS issue.
  • Similarly, this glitch makes the camera inaccessible in Chrome or the camera not working on Chromebook.
  • However, this issue is a simple one that disappears after a simple restart.  

2. Chrome OS version Obsolete

  • As per Google a fix for why is my Chromebook camera not working has already released.
  • Hence, updating the Chrome OS is a better option to fix the above camera not working problem.
  • Similarly, one has to update his version of Chrome OS to the latest version available from the Settings screen.

3. Poorly Cached Data.

  • Chrome OS apparently tends to generate partially corrupted temporary system files.
  • As a result, these temp files in Chromebook can interfere between software connections that link BIOS to hardware.
  • If this situation applies to your Chromebook, you should be able to resolve the issue by updating your Chromebook device.



Several factors can cause the Chromebook camera not working. Similarly, if you find the webcam working in other apps one can easily conclude that it’s a software issue. As a result, one can try the following methods one by one to assess and remove the HP Chromebook camera not working fault. Some of the common trouble-shooters are the following: – 

1. Quit the video conferencing app in use.

  • If the Chromebook camera not working in the video conferencing app try restarting the app.
  • Similarly, disconnect the call and exit the app waiting a few seconds before reopening it.
  • Also, check if the quick refresh app helps to fix the camera issue.

2. Restarting the HP Chromebook camera not working.

  • First, move the cursor to the status bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Second, click the power button.
  • Third, select the Shut down option.
  • Fourth, look for the power key on the keyboard.
  • Fifth and finally, press and hold until the Chromebook restarts.
  • Afterward, open the video conferencing application and try again switching on the camera.

3. Checking the status of the camera from other apps.

  • One has to switch and check the camera from different apps in this troubleshooting.
  • E.g., for an online call if you are using Skype, then change to zoom or google meet and check if the camera is working fine or not.
  • As a result, this could be a problem with your old video conferencing app and one needs to update the app.

4. Keeping video conferencing apps up to date.

  • Once you find that the problem is with your application, take the necessary steps.
  • Consequently, check for the important available updates that the application developer releases.
  • Similarly, the above may be the main reason for the camera error.
  • Hence, install the latest version updates available for your app.
  • After updating, restart the app and start another video call.

5. Checking issues on Chromebook camera.

  • First, at the bottom of the screen, click the Launcher button.
  • Second, select Extend and Choose Show all apps.
  • Third, click the Camera button and check whether any Chromebook camera issue reports are in order.
  • Fourth and finally, follow the instructions to resolve the problems and then restart the Chromebook.

6. Using an external camera

  • If using the camera is urgent and not able to resolve my Chromebook camera is not working problem then the external camera is also a superb option.
  • Thus, by connecting an external camera one can continue their video calls on the Chromebook.
  • You can continue troubleshooting later after the call or contact the company manufacturer for hardware problems.

Summing up

It might sound patronizing or too simple, but often the Chromebook camera problem is software-related. As a result, one can be fixing the Chromebook camera not working with a simple reset or slightly more complex system power wash or factory reset.

If the issue is hardware-related, you will likely need to resolve the issue with the device manufacturer or warranty provider. Chromebooks are generally very reliable and easy-to-use devices. However, if and when the time comes to buy a new device, be sure to pick one with the best camera you can afford.

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