7 Top Best Panasonic camcorder in 2021

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Imagine, your home is having a festival. More than 30 relatives are coming to your home. This is a time of get together after many years. And you don’t want to miss any of it. You want to relive this moment again & again. So you decided to shoot the whole festival. You went to your room and found your old Panasonic camcorder. You started it but it didn’t work.

Since you love Panasonic cameras, you decided to buy a new one. As you get to the store, you see numbers of Panasonic cameras. You are confused which one to buy. The store owner is showing every camera with its benefits only. So you are not able to choose one. 

Now you choose to open our blogs and you find this article. And problem solved. This article is totally about Panasonic camcorder. In this blog, I am going to share you the best Panasonic camcorders you can buy for your daily blogs & your professional shoots. 

So without any further delay, let’s start the blog: 

1. Panasonic camcorder Lumix S1: 

Panasnic Lumix comes at the top of all Panasonic cameras for video out there. This Panasonic camcorder provides you a full frame work for videos and stills. It is a digital camera with Mirrorless function. The camera has a form factor ‘DSLM’. This camera clicks images with very fine quality. Anyone with minimum skills of photography can use it very well. 

It comes with 24.2 MP MOS High resolution sensor and has a 24-105 mm F4 L-Mount series lens. It is able to record a 4K HDR video.

Now let’s talk about its look and size. Panasonic Lumix S1 has a very modern look. It comes in full black color as general cameras. The camera has a 24mm long and 105 mm wide body with additional lens.  

This is available only at $ 3000 at amazon. 

3. Panasonic Lumix S1R: 

Panasnic Lumix S1R is one of the best ever Panasonic camcorder in the list. It is very similar to its previous version Panasonic camcorder Lumix S1. This camera also has mirrorless function system. The camera comes with lens of 47.3 MP and high resolution sensor. It can easily record 4K HDR videos. It has L-Mount Lens. This lens is interchangeable. This panisonic hd camera comes in black color. Anyone on amateur level of photography can easily use it on his own. It clicks images with very fine JPEG quality level. The camera gives you a full frame landscape recording with automatic white balance settings. 

This camera gives you a stunning look when in use. Like its previous model the camera is also 24 mm in length and 105 mm in width. You can buy this camera at $ 3700 only at amazon. 

3. Panasonic Lumix GX9:

Panasonic Lumix GX9 is one of the most budget-friendly panasonic professional cameras. It is available only at $ 797.99 at amazon. 

This camera also comes in full black color. It gives you a basic fine JPEG image quality photos. This works on mirrorless system. 

The camera comes with a 20.3 MP MOS sensor. This Panasonic camera videos are of Panasonic hi def cameras. It records 30fps video shots. As its sensor doesn’t have low pass filter, it gives you natural images with high dynamic range. The camera has 4K recording function. It has special features like venus engine image processor. 

In this camera you will find auto settings as well as custom settings. By looks it’s a modern & very compact size 4k camcorder Panasonic.  

4. Panasonic camcorder Lumix G95: 

Like Panasonic Lumix GX9, this camera is also a wonderful work of intelligence and engineering. This camera comes with 20.3 MP mirrorless system. It can do 4K recording with 24P-30P video quality. It also special features like Venus Engine Image processor, built in flash and 5-Axis sensor stabilization. You can also connects it with the mobile phones with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi. 

The camera clicks very fine JPEG images which can bring any image to life. You can capture the finest pictures of fireworks, night sky and record even the lightings. If you are not a professional then it can be your first camera for your personal blogging & shooting projects. You can easily record 4K videos with this camera. 

This Panasonic camcorder is available only at $ 800 at amazon. 

5. Panasonic Lumix GX85:

Panasonic Lumix GX85 camera comes with 64 GB SD card, accessory bundles and mirrorless camera. It has a very compact body of 12-32 cm long. This camera gives you image stabilization feature. You can any scenario with its 40 fps 4K HDR screen recording. It has a 16 MP MOS sensor with Micro Four Thirds system. You can click stunning images of moments without any blurry images. This camera also gives 4K photography functions.  

The camera provides you option of using extended lenses up to 27 different lenses. With all this you will get a 64 GB storage capacity with read speed of 80 MB/sec. While travelling it is your best partner. Its compact size helps you to click images and record videos anywhere anytime. 

6. Panasonic camcorder Lumix G9: 

A very fine 4K camcorder Panasonic camera with image stabilization feature. The camera comes with 20.3 MP lens and mirrorless function. It has high resolution mode to click eye catching photos. Its lens is of fisheye type. It clicks very fine high quality JPEG images. This Panasonic camera works on 6K burst capture mode. Yu can easily maximize the image quality with HDML output with using an external recorder also. 

You can record 30 fps videos with stunning quality. Also you can add 45-150 mm lenses with it. 

In its box you will get camera, battery, charger, body cap, hot shoe cover, HDML cable lock, shoulder strap and DVDs. 

You can buy this camera at only $ 1298 at amazon.


So if you are also trying to get a professional cameras for your clicking photos, shooting videos; Panasonic camcorder is the best option out there. Go to amazon and buy your favorite Panasonic camcorder.

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